Upgraded: My own Windows 7!

In this post, I will make a small review on the things I like most out of Windows 7 which I installed days back. Let’s see: Thumbnail preview: Hover on the icon and it will show thumbnails for the explorer (or the application) that are currently opened. Similar to Vista but smoother.   Application peek: … Continue reading

Gadget: SAMSUNG Digimax S760 is my new love…

I just went down street to buy a new camera (as if I really have an old one…blah). And with among the lowest priced gadget in that store and experience with a SAMSUNG product (my YP-U3) I have nothing to think about but to withdraw my money. And that thing on the display was taken off for … Continue reading

Mac: My Vista Looks OS X, Form 1 Memories and SWINBURNE World Debate

1.COOL!!! Way cool. Back to it’s origin. I was visiting a friend of mine and can’t help but to be attracted by his desktop theme. I knew it’s Vista but so Mac-like. I decided to make mine’s similar but change his dock because I found a better one by RK Launcher. Want to know more … Continue reading

Top 10: Most Influential Groups of People of My Entire Life (to date)

We all have some times when we think that our lives are going to it’s end. I dreamt of those freaking dreams of being killed. So, I decided to post this just to tell all people out there how they had changed my life, significantly before anything happens. Sainsku X-Gen – 5 years full of … Continue reading

Top 10:10 most influential people in my history

Wait for it!