Gadget: SAMSUNG Digimax S760 is my new love…

I just went down street to buy a new camera (as if I really have an old one…blah). And with among the lowest priced gadget in that store and experience with a SAMSUNG product (my YP-U3) I have nothing to think about but to withdraw my money. And that thing on the display was taken off for … Continue reading

ANTM 11: Top Three, Last Three, and Three Days Left, Hurry!

I actually do it on purpose (yeah, right) to postpone this post till today, so the title goes right on. Samantha Potter, Analeigh Tipton and Brittany ‘McKey’ Sullivan are heading on top. Who’s going to be on top? Let’s try to guess: Analeigh: Total up, has the best pose, the best commercial. Why not? She … Continue reading

2009: Sorry, I Left WATCHMEN!

2008 is a great year in movie industry. But 2009 awaits with more thriller and actions. If you read my article on 20 movies of 2009, you know how next year will be filled with awesomeness. And yet some were kept hidden until I found out this (Yeah, I’m so late): 2009 is awesomeful of … Continue reading