Survivor 18: Return to Brazil February 12th with the Youngest Castaway Ever

12 seasons in between, Survivor return to Brazil after Survivor 6: The Amazon. But now, the castaways are left in the forest of Tocantins, which is nowhere nearby the beach. A little different though, happen in this season where the minimum age is 18 years old, which makes one of the contestant (who is 19) … Continue reading

ANTM 12: Girls, Names, Photos, Revealed…

Allison – Cutie   Aminat – Personality   Celia – Unique   Fo – Unpredictable   Isabella – Modern   Jessica – Sexy   Kortnie – Stylish   London – High Fashion   Natalie – Attitude   Nijah – Beauty   Sandra – Original   Tahlia – Grace   Teyona – Fierce   My opinion? … Continue reading