ANTM 12: Girls, Names, Photos, Revealed…

Allison – Cutie   Aminat – Personality   Celia – Unique   Fo – Unpredictable   Isabella – Modern   Jessica – Sexy   Kortnie – Stylish   London – High Fashion   Natalie – Attitude   Nijah – Beauty   Sandra – Original   Tahlia – Grace   Teyona – Fierce   My opinion? … Continue reading

ANTM 11: America’s Next Top Model is McKey!

Congratulations to Brittany Sullivan @ McKey for being chosen as the new America’s Next Top Model. Sam came in second and unfortunately there’s a reason to eliminate Analeigh before that. Let’s see the portfolio of the winner – Brittany Mckey Sullivan Episode 1: Ranked 8th I knew she is going to be a winner by … Continue reading

ANTM 11: Top Three, Last Three, and Three Days Left, Hurry!

I actually do it on purpose (yeah, right) to postpone this post till today, so the title goes right on. Samantha Potter, Analeigh Tipton and Brittany ‘McKey’ Sullivan are heading on top. Who’s going to be on top? Let’s try to guess: Analeigh: Total up, has the best pose, the best commercial. Why not? She … Continue reading

ANTM 11: Top Three Says Goodbye to Marjorie…

Sorry, but my prediction was undeniably became true. No offense. Marjorie Conrad had enough of her days in ANTM 11 and we love her. Let’s see her overall portfolio: Promotional:  Only some thought that this girl of French decent look modelesque (not me). She looked innocent, her voice was too cute. She’s just too good … Continue reading

ANTM 11: And now, There’s 4. Prediction Time…

I haven’t post anything about ANTM since it’s beginning. Now that there’s 4, let’s compare who I chose in the beginning and who still on. Samantha Potter   One of my earlier prediction got herself on top 4. Yey! But I’m less than satisfy to see her performance. I like my other top 4 way … Continue reading