Survivor 18: Return to Brazil February 12th with the Youngest Castaway Ever

12 seasons in between, Survivor return to Brazil after Survivor 6: The Amazon. But now, the castaways are left in the forest of Tocantins, which is nowhere nearby the beach. A little different though, happen in this season where the minimum age is 18 years old, which makes one of the contestant (who is 19) … Continue reading

Blog: What mine worths?

My blog is worth $1,693.62.How much is your blog worth?

ANTM 12: Girls, Names, Photos, Revealed…

Allison – Cutie   Aminat – Personality   Celia – Unique   Fo – Unpredictable   Isabella – Modern   Jessica – Sexy   Kortnie – Stylish   London – High Fashion   Natalie – Attitude   Nijah – Beauty   Sandra – Original   Tahlia – Grace   Teyona – Fierce   My opinion? … Continue reading

Gadget: SAMSUNG Digimax S760 is my new love…

I just went down street to buy a new camera (as if I really have an old one…blah). And with among the lowest priced gadget in that store and experience with a SAMSUNG product (my YP-U3) I have nothing to think about but to withdraw my money. And that thing on the display was taken off for … Continue reading

Metro: my pick for spring/summer 2009

Some friends do know I’m into fashion. So, I dug up some lines in for men’s fashion show for spring/summer 2009. And these are my picks for colorful spring and hot summer 2009. These three pieces are from Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Like the texture, pattern and the earth colors. Other pieces on the line are … Continue reading