A-ha!: I want to live in the 70s

Thanks to History Channel and BBC4, now I’m listening to A-ha’s Take On Me. Laugh if you want to but I’m feeling the new wave of 2010 here… not. Anyway, it was used as a background music in the series Electric Dreams, a kind of reality show plus documentary following the Sullivan family. They were … Continue reading

Survivor 18: Return to Brazil February 12th with the Youngest Castaway Ever

12 seasons in between, Survivor return to Brazil after Survivor 6: The Amazon. But now, the castaways are left in the forest of Tocantins, which is nowhere nearby the beach. A little different though, happen in this season where the minimum age is 18 years old, which makes one of the contestant (who is 19) … Continue reading

2008: In Memoriam

What’s my life’s about in 2008? Let’s dig. Choosing my scholarships. Some highlights include PETRONAS’s UTP intake, Shell’s interview call, and JPA’s interview in Kuching. I did not apply for the Shell scholarship even though they called me to sign up online. For JPA scholarship, I did apply but for the first intake, I lost … Continue reading

ANTM 11: America’s Next Top Model is McKey!

Congratulations to Brittany Sullivan @ McKey for being chosen as the new America’s Next Top Model. Sam came in second and unfortunately there’s a reason to eliminate Analeigh before that. Let’s see the portfolio of the winner – Brittany Mckey Sullivan Episode 1: Ranked 8th I knew she is going to be a winner by … Continue reading

ANTM 11: Top Three, Last Three, and Three Days Left, Hurry!

I actually do it on purpose (yeah, right) to postpone this post till today, so the title goes right on. Samantha Potter, Analeigh Tipton and Brittany ‘McKey’ Sullivan are heading on top. Who’s going to be on top? Let’s try to guess: Analeigh: Total up, has the best pose, the best commercial. Why not? She … Continue reading