2008: In Memoriam

What’s my life’s about in 2008? Let’s dig. Choosing my scholarships. Some highlights include PETRONAS’s UTP intake, Shell’s interview call, and JPA’s interview in Kuching. I did not apply for the Shell scholarship even though they called me to sign up online. For JPA scholarship, I did apply but for the first intake, I lost … Continue reading

The Mole 5: There You HAVE it!

Officially, CRAIG is THE MOLE. And I’m waiting for someone to download it on the YouTube because I NEED TO WATCH THE EPISODE… Anyone please tell me what happened. Post please, and my hope for Mark’s winning the game came true. But realising Nicole is not The Mole makes me guessing how come???

The Mole 5: Reaaally shocked

To be honest, I was depressed and very very sad when I watch the YouTube video. When Jon tested Kristen’s result, I just had that feeling of nervousness unlike other. When the screen turned red, my eyes burst into tears. I was sooo sad to watch Kristen rubbing her face and walk away. I just … Continue reading

The Mole 5: Victoria Garza goodbye…

Well, my most favourite player had just been executed. And I am keeping my eye on Kristen. She might not be my prime suspect but her move sure made me think, the mole might just sitting relaxing and playing the game just like other players. Why not? The Players themselves are sabotaging the group just … Continue reading

The Mole 5: I’m so into it…

My most favourite show has returned after 4 years… Yup, it’s The Mole. But it’s hard to watch it since I’m from Malaysia and this forces me to watch it in YouTube. The first three episodes is amazing. I have no, exactly no idea who is the mole. Bobby looks fake and he was eliminated. … Continue reading