2008: In Memoriam

What’s my life’s about in 2008? Let’s dig. Choosing my scholarships. Some highlights include PETRONAS’s UTP intake, Shell’s interview call, and JPA’s interview in Kuching. I did not apply for the Shell scholarship even though they called me to sign up online. For JPA scholarship, I did apply but for the first intake, I lost … Continue reading

GROU.PS: New Friendster 4 Me (and I’m preoccupied)

Image via Wikipedia Hakim told me about Rasputina’s songs, we watched Les Choristes this week (Friday, French class with Gwen, it was great. I think Houda cried when the story ended), Nuar brought his sister’s laptop, Muz is staying in other room, Faez studied, a lot, Apek is in his study. I am preoccupied as … Continue reading

2009: Sorry, I Left WATCHMEN!

2008 is a great year in movie industry. But 2009 awaits with more thriller and actions. If you read my article on 20 movies of 2009, you know how next year will be filled with awesomeness. And yet some were kept hidden until I found out this (Yeah, I’m so late): 2009 is awesomeful of … Continue reading

20 2009 Movies: What and Why?

These are some movies prequels and sequels and ones that’s new that it’s due release in 2009. So, what are they and why must we watch? 1.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; you read it, you watch it. 2.Saw VI; of course everyone wants to know what had happened and what’s going to happen. And … Continue reading

Kill Bill: Must See

It might be too late for me to say this, and also some friends find it uninteresting, for me, it was awesome. I actually bought the DVD last week. Two DVDs, that is volume 1 and volume 2 of course. This one the DVD menu from Kill Bill: Volume 1. Like Elle’s whistle (Twisted Nerve). … Continue reading