Jong: Revolution

In case you haven’t notice, I haven’t had any update for quite a while (in which for some it sounds familiar), and that is because (again) I have my own domain and I thought that it would be better if I start it clean and empty, so I don’t have any of my previous posts … Continue reading

A mellow post.

Camane nak download Family Guy? Senang je. Guna torrent. Step-by-step nak start torrenting ialah seperti berikut: Langkah 1: Bukak laptop.         Okay. Malas nak merapu. Langkah 1: Download BitTorrent client, contohnya BitTorrent sendiri, Free Download Manager, LimeWire, Opera, µTorrent, dan sebagainya. Langkah 2: Install lam komputer. Langkah 3: Search BitTorrent file (berextension … Continue reading

I’m A Podcaster

Your day was filled with boring radio stations? What if I say I’ll make your day? I’m trying to be a music podcaster and posted my first podcast. I want you to give it a try and send me some comments and suggestions so that I can improve my next episode. To download my first … Continue reading

Blog: What mine worths?

My blog is worth $1,693.62.How much is your blog worth?

Metro: my pick for spring/summer 2009

Some friends do know I’m into fashion. So, I dug up some lines in for men’s fashion show for spring/summer 2009. And these are my picks for colorful spring and hot summer 2009. These three pieces are from Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Like the texture, pattern and the earth colors. Other pieces on the line are … Continue reading