Surviving Pre-France Program: SEM 1

20 long months have just finished a few hours ago. And Pre-France ended. This is story of one person who survived at the end: SEM 1 For a person like me, finding friends in a short period of time is not easy. Even though I did it once just before Pre-France, it’s frightening to know … Continue reading

What should happen in the 5 months to come?

This half of the year has been a difficult time for most of us in Pre-France 7 program. First and foremost, the results are not getting so much better for some and for me, they are getting worst. Peu importe, I’m going to make sure that I’ll get that plane ticket to Paris next year. … Continue reading

I’m A Podcaster

Your day was filled with boring radio stations? What if I say I’ll make your day? I’m trying to be a music podcaster and posted my first podcast. I want you to give it a try and send me some comments and suggestions so that I can improve my next episode. To download my first … Continue reading

Survivor 18: Return to Brazil February 12th with the Youngest Castaway Ever

12 seasons in between, Survivor return to Brazil after Survivor 6: The Amazon. But now, the castaways are left in the forest of Tocantins, which is nowhere nearby the beach. A little different though, happen in this season where the minimum age is 18 years old, which makes one of the contestant (who is 19) … Continue reading

Upgraded: My own Windows 7!

In this post, I will make a small review on the things I like most out of Windows 7 which I installed days back. Let’s see: Thumbnail preview: Hover on the icon and it will show thumbnails for the explorer (or the application) that are currently opened. Similar to Vista but smoother.   Application peek: … Continue reading