A mellow post.

Camane nak download Family Guy? Senang je. Guna torrent. Step-by-step nak start torrenting ialah seperti berikut: Langkah 1: Bukak laptop.         Okay. Malas nak merapu. Langkah 1: Download BitTorrent client, contohnya BitTorrent sendiri, Free Download Manager, LimeWire, Opera, µTorrent, dan sebagainya. Langkah 2: Install lam komputer. Langkah 3: Search BitTorrent file (berextension … Continue reading

Annoying little girls… and boys.

Did you know that when you type three dots consecutively, they became an entity? … is not three dots, the are a three-dot! Anyhoo, as usual this is a post about music. I’d like to share girls in electro pop music from all around the world whose songs that I’ve fall in love with. I … Continue reading

Casabelangkas.fr Top 10 Albums of 09

Le français sera demain. Somewhere along the way, j’ecoute le nouvelle album de Julian Casablancas <<Phrazes for the Young>>. C’est un peu différent des choses qu’il a fait avec The Strokes. Tellement différent. Je ne sais pas pourquoi il a décidé de mettre des éléments de 80’s disco dans des chansons. I wasted (spent) a … Continue reading