The Art of Horizontalisme

La Musée Dupuy


Surviving Pre-France Program: SEM 1

20 long months have just finished a few hours ago. And Pre-France ended. This is story of one person who survived at the end: SEM 1 For a person like me, finding friends in a short period of time is not easy. Even though I did it once just before Pre-France, it’s frightening to know … Continue reading

BetweenList #4: 13 Worst Album Cover of 2009

I don’t know why but in this year, musician doesn’t think so much about their album covers. Some are totally unacceptable. Let’s check out the most disturbing things on the rack of any music store: For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert. What the hell is that?! Even a fan would be confused. Humanoid by Tokio … Continue reading