Annoying little girls… and boys.

Did you know that when you type three dots consecutively, they became an entity? … is not three dots, the are a three-dot! Anyhoo, as usual this is a post about music. I’d like to share girls in electro pop music from all around the world whose songs that I’ve fall in love with. I … Continue reading

BetweenList #4: 13 Worst Album Cover of 2009

I don’t know why but in this year, musician doesn’t think so much about their album covers. Some are totally unacceptable. Let’s check out the most disturbing things on the rack of any music store: For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert. What the hell is that?! Even a fan would be confused. Humanoid by Tokio … Continue reading

Best 5 Duet Tracks of 2009: Love, Lust, and Leave.

I don’t want to skip the show by showing the top duet that is included in my top 50 songs of 2009. So, this list will be the songs that did not make it to the main list but still, stood out as duet songs that can be remembered forever. And sorry Elvin, if you … Continue reading

From 31-40 Top Songs of 2009: It Came Back to Mainstream Music

I listened to a lot of independent artist the second half of the year and seriously, there are a whole lot of music selections that what we were introduced in or FlyFM. But, let’s not forget that mainstream is not that bad. I’d say this. Mainstream’s main point is to sell. Indie’s main point … Continue reading

BetweenList: My top 20 songs in 2009 from other years.

For this whole months, between the post for Top 50 songs in 2009, I will present a few other list I created to tell you what I have been listening to for this year. Obviously, not all the songs you hear at a particular moment was released at that particular year. So, this is the … Continue reading