Jong: Revolution


In case you haven’t notice, I haven’t had any update for quite a while (in which for some it sounds familiar), and that is because (again) I have my own domain and I thought that it would be better if I start it clean and empty, so I don’t have any of my previous posts imported into the blog. The link is here, and why is it and not The reason is that was taken. Let me make you a tour around

  1. Redirected, not published. The main domain is It still has some content but it is currently redirected to just to let me prepare it for further reconstruction (after a week of countdown) before it is fully ready.
  2. Top banner, color. The color of the banner at the top of the blog is randomly chosen among the three different preset images. Some might find it annoying to have to constantly load every time they click on a link. Tell me if you do.
  3. Bottom left, music. This is temporary. Everytime you refresh the blog, a song is randomly chosen from the 22 tracks I uploaded into the server. It is generated using the same file for the banner. It is only loaded when you press the play button, so you don’t have to worry if it takes up bandwith. And most browser don’t show the track name. Well, they just won’t. Firefox worked. Before. If you want it to be permanent, tell me.
  4. Top right, Like button. It’s just a way to know if you liked my blog or not. Unfortunately, it is applicable to Facebook user only.
  5. Background, fixed. Tell me of you would prefer a static background (which means, the bottom part would be green.
  6. Birdie, tweety. She is linked to my twitter page. If you constantly accidentally clicked on it and want it to not be there, just tell me.
  7. Full content, main page. If you like a simple intro of the every post in the main page, tell me. Too much words is sometimes unattractive.

This is mainly about I’m constantly thinking about other possible sub-domain. Any ideas, leave it in your comments. Have a nice day!


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