Oh Yeah. That’s America.

I often forgot that there’s an ocean between Northern America and Europe, that is Atlantic Ocean. Thus, I forgot that there’s one particular difference between the western culture we see in TV ie. Hollywood and European culture. Few days back, we did a tour around Toulouse and when we stop at one of the main … Continue reading

The Art of Horizontalisme

La Musée Dupuy

Weyson in Guide Aveugle

My Photo Is Too Dark Tutorial?

After Levels

Weyson, this is for you. Très souvent, on trouve que la photo qu’on a prise est très sombre. Qu’est-ce qu’il faut faire? Thanks to Photoshop, we can fix color (des fois dit Color Correction) in photos easily. In this suite of tutorials, I will show two popular ways to color-correct your photos. In this post, … Continue reading

It’s Kébab story, baby just say yeahh!!!

Le Libanais