A mellow post.

Camane nak download Family Guy? Senang je. Guna torrent. Step-by-step nak start torrenting ialah seperti berikut: Langkah 1: Bukak laptop.         Okay. Malas nak merapu. Langkah 1: Download BitTorrent client, contohnya BitTorrent sendiri, Free Download Manager, LimeWire, Opera, µTorrent, dan sebagainya. Langkah 2: Install lam komputer. Langkah 3: Search BitTorrent file (berextension … Continue reading

Part two for my beloved comrades…

In the next step, we’ll resize and cut the picture, merge, blah blah blah… Resize The way to resize a layer is to use Free Transform  under the Edit drop-down menu. Resize the layer according to the square where you want to put the picture on. To lock the width-to-height ratio, hold the Shift button … Continue reading

To my beloved friends…

This post is meant for my friends who wanted to know how did I use Photoshop to create this composite: First of all, if you made a mistake in any step, just use the History panel on the right hand side (usually grouped with Color, Swatches, and Styles panel). If it is not there, activate … Continue reading

Different Sounds of Marina

I’m in love with her debut LP: The Family Jewels. You’re right, I’m talking about Marina and the Diamonds. She is a genius! She’s different in every track but still consistent in the direction. This will probably be the album of the year for me. Who knows? When I listen to her tracks, each songs … Continue reading