Surviving Pre-France Program: SEM 1

20 long months have just finished a few hours ago. And Pre-France ended. This is story of one person who survived at the end:


For a person like me, finding friends in a short period of time is not easy. Even though I did it once just before Pre-France, it’s frightening to know that I have to find new friends and encounter new enemies (or old). I know only two person in Pre-France at the first day. Better than some others who for them living without parents is their first-time. Seriously, I don’t know how would it feel if I had not lived the life I lived. It’s like 18 years preparation for this moment.

Since I have had met some students in PF, my autistic value diminished a bit. We are not in the same dorm, thus I have to go to theirs and mix with their roommates. I found some people whose interests are the same with mine, even though I still live in my quiet own loud world in my bed.

Blog is what I started to let myself occupied especially after having my own computer. It is special for me. My closest friend. My French book is another close friend. Might I have studied French before, I still need to refresh all those rusty memories. Mlle Rubiah, she did not know. She might even care less.

Handling failure is a problem. I failed a physics test. Seriously, I don’t hate theoris, I just hate those who constrain minds from thinking. Fabien. Desole monsieur! I have never failed any exam, except for art, which doesn’t count as it is abstract. When people judge a piece of art, no value should be given.

Electricity is not a killer, not like what people said. I didn’t fail in any test in electricity and because of that, I’m thinking of choosing it for my specialty. Mechanical on the other hand is closer to my dream career: structural engineer. But I might ended up choosing chemical. Why? Because it has a bigger market in Sarawak.

Amazingly after failing a test and doing nothing to change that, I was in the 6th position after the list came out. I was shocked myself. I did not intend to be up there because I was tired of hope. The hope given to my parents that I can because never will I always can.

I made friends, I made enemies, I made enemies from friends, I met the teachers, I met fears, I met tears (my cell phone was lost), I met frustration, I felt deflation, I failed once and I survived.


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