Friends, Jump in the Poop!

The funniest comment I have ever read from YouTube. Anyway, I’d like to introduce to you my friends, the artists I’ve been listening to a lot since 1st Jan 2010. Most of them are indie , but there are a few mainstream. But the most important thing is, try to listen to their music. You … Continue reading

A-ha!: I want to live in the 70s

Thanks to History Channel and BBC4, now I’m listening to A-ha’s Take On Me. Laugh if you want to but I’m feeling the new wave of 2010 here… not. Anyway, it was used as a background music in the series Electric Dreams, a kind of reality show plus documentary following the Sullivan family. They were … Continue reading

Two upcoming best friends.

Ipod and PassPod. Uhuh. Welcome 2010.