Top 10: Most Influential Groups of People of My Entire Life (to date)

We all have some times when we think that our lives are going to it’s end. I dreamt of those freaking dreams of being killed. So, I decided to post this just to tell all people out there how they had changed my life, significantly before anything happens. Sainsku X-Gen – 5 years full of … Continue reading

Designer: Nerdy Geeky T-shirt Design

These are my design for our Pre-France 7 Group.   Any comment? (I plagiarize a bit. A BIT!)

Top 10:10 most influential people in my history

Wait for it!

Study: Chemistry in French

Let’s See: Fundamental of La Chimie. Tableau Periodique

Decode: Me…

People are fascinated by the film Twilight. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m hoping to. What more important for me is to listen to the it’s soundtrack from Paramore. Decode! It’s an instant love for me. And I’m going to download it, right now! Thank you MTV!