Jong: Alter Ego (or Anton Ego)…

In case you haven’t notice it yet, I has been 1 week I did not post anything on this blog. I would say probably my alter ego, Jong has switched his mind to a darker state. Together we opened up a blog on blogspot in which we talked about our feelings, aggressively. I reminded him to … Continue reading

GROU.PS: New Friendster 4 Me (and I’m preoccupied)

Image via Wikipedia Hakim told me about Rasputina’s songs, we watched Les Choristes this week (Friday, French class with Gwen, it was great. I think Houda cried when the story ended), Nuar brought his sister’s laptop, Muz is staying in other room, Faez studied, a lot, Apek is in his study. I am preoccupied as … Continue reading

ANTM 11: America’s Next Top Model is McKey!

Congratulations to Brittany Sullivan @ McKey for being chosen as the new America’s Next Top Model. Sam came in second and unfortunately there’s a reason to eliminate Analeigh before that. Let’s see the portfolio of the winner – Brittany Mckey Sullivan Episode 1: Ranked 8th I knew she is going to be a winner by … Continue reading

PC Gamerz: SPORE! Must Play.

Image via CrunchBase Many people loves the game SIMS. If you consider yourself one of them this is what you must look for: SPORE. Spore, developed by the same developer of the Sims (MAXIS) and designed by Will Wright. What is it all about? It’s is considered as god game or real time strategy or … Continue reading

ANTM 11: Top Three, Last Three, and Three Days Left, Hurry!

I actually do it on purpose (yeah, right) to postpone this post till today, so the title goes right on. Samantha Potter, Analeigh Tipton and Brittany ‘McKey’ Sullivan are heading on top. Who’s going to be on top? Let’s try to guess: Analeigh: Total up, has the best pose, the best commercial. Why not? She … Continue reading