Nothing to Post

It’s just another boring Sunday and I’m browsing some of my friends’ blogs, and found this thing from Pison’s. Thank you Pison!!! 1) What is the most important thing in your life? My afterlife is the most important thing. So, I don’t really care about things in life. Plus, it is always against me. 2) … Continue reading

ANTM 11: Before it happen…

Well, before it happen I wanted to go down memory lane to look back and see, MY TOP MODEL. This is my opinion on who actually had the best portfolio in ANTM history…and didn’t win. 1. Jenah 2. Elyse 3. Brittany 4. Amanda 5. Anya 6. Katarzyna 7. Joanie 8. Heather 9. Shandi 10.Norelle

ANTM 11: Yup, it’s coming…

Appetite is coming and he is going to have a big ego… Hehe… Ratatouille is great but what’s greater than another breakthrough in the reality tv world. September 3 is the date I’ve waited after a “mouth-opening” season – literally! Tyra added another 14 hopefuls for one position, to be America’s Next Top Model. Well, … Continue reading

The Mole 5: There You HAVE it!

Officially, CRAIG is THE MOLE. And I’m waiting for someone to download it on the YouTube because I NEED TO WATCH THE EPISODE… Anyone please tell me what happened. Post please, and my hope for Mark’s winning the game came true. But realising Nicole is not The Mole makes me guessing how come???


Finally, the wait is going to be over. And before the series end, I would like to view on the top three players and my prediction, on WHO IS THE MOLE. CRAIG: The Mole? Likely. The winner? Almost not possible. Craig stays from the beginning to the end and I find this quite weird since … Continue reading