Music Change, Life Change…

I recently, somehow changed my music preference from alternative to celtic-instrumental Enya songs. Maybe because of some reasons that I need more relaxation in facing tough days as a student. I am learning everything because, eventhough I had the one semester experience as a university student before, it doesn’t help much now. things are not … Continue reading

The Mole 5: The Last 4 Standing

I was not online since like what…2-3 weeks ago? So I didn’t know anything that happened in the Mole. Then, I was happy and shocked at the same time knowing Alex and Clay are eliminated! Guess that my doubt to Clay and Alex are worth it, and the last 4 are the Highly Suspected:- Nicole, … Continue reading


From UTP to MFI, my first thought was UTP is a thousand times better, but who knows I might like it here someday somehow better; it is nearer to Kuala Lumpur. UTP in Tronoh is a 40-minutes drive from Ipoh, the nearest town. I now really misses my friends in UTP especially my coursemates: Civil … Continue reading

When I get to Warwick Avenue…

This is AMAZING! I love it!

The Mole 5: Reaaally shocked

To be honest, I was depressed and very very sad when I watch the YouTube video. When Jon tested Kristen’s result, I just had that feeling of nervousness unlike other. When the screen turned red, my eyes burst into tears. I was sooo sad to watch Kristen rubbing her face and walk away. I just … Continue reading