Make my XP Macintosh-ish

Just want to share with you guys out there how I turn my Windows XP look more to Apple Macintosh. What you need to download are some applications. I was almost successful in faking it but some features might not be exactly look like Apple Mac. Google and download these: FlyakiteOSX which will transform your … Continue reading

Medical Checkup

Wow. Recently I had my blood taken for a medical checkup at the nearby clinic. A week later the result came and i received a good and some bad news. The good news for me is that my blood is AB type, which means I’m a universal recepient. Yey! The bad news are, I’m lacking … Continue reading

The Mole 5: Victoria Garza goodbye…

Well, my most favourite player had just been executed. And I am keeping my eye on Kristen. She might not be my prime suspect but her move sure made me think, the mole might just sitting relaxing and playing the game just like other players. Why not? The Players themselves are sabotaging the group just … Continue reading

Moving. I’m moving

Yes, actually I’m leaving from 70, Phase 2 to 124 Phase 25 in the same area. Lot of work moving everything from my current house to the new one. Some furnitures and beds were moved and we are waiting for the electrical company and water board to do their stuff there so we can move … Continue reading

The Mole 5: I’m so into it…

My most favourite show has returned after 4 years… Yup, it’s The Mole. But it’s hard to watch it since I’m from Malaysia and this forces me to watch it in YouTube. The first three episodes is amazing. I have no, exactly no idea who is the mole. Bobby looks fake and he was eliminated. … Continue reading